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The Role Of HR & Immigration Attorneys In Employment-Related Immigration

In this article, you can discover:

  • How our firm’s background informs our approach to your immigration case.

  • What we bring to the table in employment-based immigration cases.

  • The impact that HR representatives and immigrations working together can have on a case.

Why Is Immigration Law So Important To Our Team?

The immigration experience has profoundly shaped my life. My grandparents on both sides were immigrants, my father's mother was a refugee, both of my parents are US immigrants, my sister is a US immigrant, and I myself grew up moving internationally between the United States, Spain, Brazil, and the Netherlands, due to my father's job.


Because of all this, I know how much stress the immigration process can place on people's lives, and I feel compelled to work on making this process as easy as possible for others. At the end of the day, my approach to immigration law comes from the fact that I deeply resonate with people who are moving through these experiences because my family is a family of immigrants.


What’s more, my professional background is deeply tied to immigration law. Even before starting my own firm, I did a significant amount of work on pro bono immigration matters. In fact, I won three awards for my pro bono work on behalf of asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking. Today, my commitment to this field is driven by both the humanitarian aspect of my work, as well as my personal family history – and it’s this combination of these factors that has propelled me to where I am today.


What Makes Us Stand Out As An Employment Law Immigration Firm?


My background as a former litigator equips me with the skills needed to craft compelling briefs and petitions that are both well-written and meticulously organized. And on a personal level, my history of international relocations, driven by my father’s work and experience with employment-based immigration, has ignited a deep passion for making the immigration process as easy as possible for candidates and employees.


But while these factors contribute to my work, what truly distinguishes my firm is our unique focus on small to medium-sized companies. We have a special sensitivity to the needs of HR personnel, employees, and other clients seeking guidance on immigration matters. It’s this unwavering dedication to small and medium-sized clients paired with an exceptional track record in successfully submitting both non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions that truly sets us apart.


What Role Does HR (Human Resources) Play In Hiring And Managing Immigrant Candidates And Employees?


The HR department plays a crucial role in ensuring that candidate and employee immigration processes run smoothly and swiftly. Their ability to get quick and accurate responses from external immigration counsel is essential.


When immigration counsel can provide HR with accurate and timely information, HR can be responsive and effective in serving candidates and employees. This not only creates a positive experience but also helps in retaining and recruiting talent.


Conversely, if external counsel doesn't deliver promptly or accurately, it can lead to frustrated candidates and employees, which, in turn, causes problems in retaining and recruiting staff. In short, the effectiveness of external immigration counsel is vital for HR and the organization as a whole.


Do HR Managers Need To Collaborate With Immigration Attorneys?


There are two primary reasons why it is critical for HR managers to collaborate with immigration lawyers…


  • First and foremost, immigration laws come with a significant legal compliance component, which requires the presence of proper legal advice.

  • Secondly, the immigration process holds immense importance in the lives of foreign national employees and candidates. As such, HR has a responsibility to ensure that they are providing these individuals with the best possible chance of success in both immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions.


The reality is that working with a lawyer is non-negotiable. The involvement of skilled attorneys in the preparation of these immigration petitions is completely instrumental in achieving a successful outcome. It's not just a good practice; it's a necessity.


For more information on Employment Immigration Law, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (512) 548-4499 today.

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