We are an immigration boutique distinguished by our creative and solutions-oriented approach to our clients’ immigration issues. We maintain the highest work quality standards while providing our clients with cost-effective service.

The immigration boutique advantage: world class work product.  Our attorneys  initiated their careers at the nation's leading legal institutions.  The high standards of practice they employed at these institutions have been maintained at Berner Law.     


The immigration boutique advantage:  cost savings. We run a lean operation.  We secure clients through word of mouth referrals, not expensive advertising.  We also eschew expensive summer associate classes, lavish retreats and luxurious offices.  This modus operandi yields savings which allow us to provide our clients with premium legal services at an affordable rate.


The immigration boutique advantage: we focus on our clients’ needs.  We do not shoehorn our clients' cases into replicable pre-packaged solutions.  Instead, our attorneys work closely with each of our clients to understand their immigration objectives and craft plans to maximize the chances of achieving them.  The upshot is higher quality petitions, fewer denials and fewer delays.


The immigration boutique advantage: we understand business.  Our professional background lies in business. This shapes the way we practice law: we cut through the legalese and communicate clearly with staff outside of the General Counsel’s office.


The immigration boutique advantage: We are a multi-cultural firm with broad international expertise. We are fluent in multiple languages and have worked closely with clients from throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. This language and cultural fluency allows us to work effectively with our multinational clients and their employees.